Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Tracker Free is an undetectable app for Android smartphones and tablets running in the background, it secretly keeps track of text messages sent, call log, captured pictures, recording ambient sounds, it track the messages of instant messaging, identifies the GPS coordinates of the phone etc..
Mobile Tracker Free also enables to secure and retrieve your phone by locking remote, making it vibrate, sound, taking pictures, etc..
The application must be installed on the device you want to monitor. Installation of Mobile Tracker Free requires physical access to the target device (holding it in your hands) for about 3 consecutive minutes.
Then you just create an account or use an existing phone and save the account with the necessary parameters. Once the installation is complete, all data even deleted, are downloaded to your private account, which is available from any PC or phone browser to the following address It will not be necessary to have physical access to the target device thereafter.
Note: The targeted phone must have Internet access and must be compatible with Mobile Tracker Free. Internet connection is required to install a new phone, then if the connection is lost, all data is stored and transmitted when the connection is back.
Mobile Tracker Free is designed to monitor your minor children or employees using a smartphone or tablet you own or that you are authorized to monitor. You are required to inform the users of the device that they are under surveillance.
Mobile Tracker Free also helps secure the phone and allows you having a copy of all data.
Only smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system version 4.1 and next are now compatible with Mobile Tracker Free.
Follow the instructions here or download the application directly here.
Mobile Tracker Free works regardless the network of mobile operator or the geographic location of the target device. It is only necessary to have an Internet connection to allow data transfer to your personal account. Concretely, this means that you can use it all around the world.
Mobile Tracker Free operates in stealth mode. No icon is displayed and the product appears on the applications database of the device under different names (system process), which leaves almost no chance for the user to identify the software.
It is perfectly legal to use Mobile Tracker Free:
Like a parental solution to monitor your minor children. Like a tracking solution used to monitor the devices belonging to the company. To avoid legal problems, be sure to inform the staff and to get their permission for the use of the application on devices that the company owns.
We are not, however, able to provide comprehensive legal advice on the specificity of some local laws.
In most cases, it is against the law to install monitoring software on a cell phone or any other device without having received express permission. You are required to inform users of the device that they are under surveillance. Any breach of this obligation is your own responsibility and the installation of the application is at your own risk.
Yes it is necessary to physically access the target device for about 3 minutes to install Mobile Tracker Free. Once the application is installed, the application will begin to transfer data to your personal account.
Once the Mobile Tracker Free Application is installed and configured on the target device, the data is automatically sent to your dashboard. You need to log in to access.
Mobile Tracker Free instantly transfers data. If the connection is absent or the transfer fails, the data is saved. Mobile Tracker Free attempts to resend it every 4 hours or when a connection is available again. The interval time is 4 hours by default but can be changed.
The target device must be connected to the Internet to enable Mobile Tracker Free to transfer data from the monitored device to your control panel. The system is compatible with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connections. Once the data is transferred to our server, they are displayed on the control panel of your account. It is not necessary that the target device is permanently connected to the Internet since the data are saved the time that the device reconnects.
Yes with the premium version the number of monitored phone is unlimited!
With the free version, the number of monitored phone is limited to 1.
Rooting is the process that allows users of smartphones and tablets to have privileged access (called root access) within the Android operating system. Rooting is only necessary if you want to track third-party applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Twitter, Viber, Skype, Gmail, BBM and if you want to enable GPS or restart the phone.
It depends on the target device and the method used. Some Android device manufacturers can deny the warranty service if your device is rooted. However, simply cancel the operation to restore the warranty.
Yes, our application can help you locate your target device. However, the application must be installed on the device before the incident and the Internet connection must be active.
We do not provide the service consisting in following a phone using its number. Our application must be installed on the device.
Information about the uninstall process is available here.
From the tab 'My Account' available on the website or send us an email at [email protected]
In rare cases, the program may not record voice calls on some phone models. This is due to their hardware and software features that deviate from Android specifications.

If your mobile device doesn’t record any sound or if the quality of the recording is very poor, you should try changing the audio source from the 'My Account' tab.

If call recording doesn't function properly on your device, please tell our technical support the exact model of your device and the version of its operating system.
This is a rather complicated technical process, in which you may need specific knowledge.

It differs a lot for each specific model of phone or tablet.

Moreover there is a risk to permanently damage the device during this operation in case it is fulfilled by non-specialist.
Therefore, we strongly recommend you to apply to the experts for this. It is quick and inexpensive.

If you are familiar enough with computers and phones, it will not be a problem for you to find detailed instructions for your device with the help of an Internet search.
Yes, Mobile Tracker Free can be used free of charge by accessing all features. A premium version exists, it allows to keep your data longer on our servers, to remove the advertisement and remove some limitations. You can get more details in the 'My Account' tab.