Privacy Policy

Please read this privacy policy carefully in order to understand how the Publisher handles the personal data gathered upon your use of the Publisher’s mobile application (the “Application”) or the Publisher’s web site, accessible at (the “Site”).

Under this privacy policy, the person in charge of the processing and gathering of the personal data (the “data controller”) is JLV, a private limited company with a sole shareholder; share capital: 1,000 euros; registered in Rennes, France under no. B 794276196; registered address: 3 rue de Vaugon, 35770 Vern-Sur-Seiche, France.

The Publisher may be contacted by electronic mail at [email protected] and on the following telephone number, not charged at premium rates: +33 [0]

Gathering and use of personal data

Upon registering on the Site, the User is required to disclose the following personal data:

  • e-mail address
  • password

In order to improve the services provided by the Application, the Publisher (including its technical services providers) may moreover gather data regarding the use of the Application, such as the type of operating system used, the type of connection used, the number of visits made, the number of notifications issued, the number of times the Application is launched, the number of updates of the data, the number of communications made from the Application, the version number of the Application installed by the User, the type of mobile hardware used.

Similarly, the User is hereby informed that the use of some of the functionality of the Application may be based on geographical information that requires location data to be shared, such as the geographical position of the User’s mobile terminal, a fact that the User expressly accepts if he wishes to be able to use the Application.
Furthermore, if one of these features is enabled: SMS/MMS, calls, location, photos, applications, calendar, contacts, website history, clipboard, notifications, social network messages, audio recording of calls and audio/environmental video; these data can be collected.

Finally, the Publisher shall be entitled to gather the IP (Internet Protocol) address of all the Users. The gathering of the IP address shall take place anonymously, and the IP address shall be kept for the same duration as the User’s personal data and shall only be used to enable the proper administration of the services provided via the Application. The IP address consists of a series of figures separated by full stops enabling the unique identification of a terminal (computer, Smartphone, etc.) over the Internet.

A User who does not wish to provide the abovementioned information may not be able to use the Application. The Publisher’s gathering of the User’s personal data is fully dependent on the consent of the User. The User shall however be entitled to withdraw his consent at any point in time by informing the Publisher of his decision to withdraw his consent.

Purpose of the processing of the User’s personal data

The User’s personal data shall be processed mainly for the purpose of the administration of the services offered by the Publisher via the Application and/or the Site, as well as for the Publisher’s compliance with its contractual obligations.

The personal data may also be used to enable the Publisher to improve its Application and/or its Site and the services on offer by monitoring the Users and their behaviour when using the Application or when accessing the Site.

Sharing of the User’s personal data

The Publisher shall keep and use the User’s personal data for this sole purpose, and undertakes not to use it for any other purpose, nor to transmit it to third parties, save with the express consent of the User or as provided by law.

The User’s personal data may be transmitted to the technical partners that enable the Publisher to provide access to the Application and to the Site under the contractual terms signed by each technical partner and the Publisher, provided that these terms shall not depart from the terms of this privacy policy.

The Publisher may reuse the User’s personal data or transmit it to partner companies for such purposes as the sending of promotional and marketing e-mails, subject to securing the User’s express consent. Should the Users wish to receive such e-mails, they should tick the appropriate box earmarked for that purpose.

The Publisher may have to disclose the personal data of a User to the Police (under a court warrant) or to any other person (pursuant to a court order). Users should note that the IP address of any terminal may be reconciled with the effective identity of the subscriber held by the ISP (Internet service provider).

Hosting and Security

The Publisher shall ensure that the User’s personal data is kept suitably secure and shall take all useful precautions to preserve and ensure that its hosting subcontractors preserve the security and the confidentiality of this data, and in particular prevent it from being distorted, corrupted or disclosed to unauthorised persons.

The User’s personal data shall be hosted in France. The Publisher shall not transfer the User’s personal data to third parties that are based outside the European Union unless they provide a level of protection that is considered adequate relative to the legal requirements in terms of data protection.

Retention of the User’s personal data

Personal data dating back more than seven (7) days or thirty (30) days for Users who have subscribed to paid services are automatically destroyed.

All personal data and the linked account are also destroyed if the User has not logged into his User account for a period of more than thirty (30) days.

Right of access, rectification, suppression, portability and opposition

The Users shall have a right to access, rectify and erasure of their personal data, as well as a right to challenge the processing of their personal data, subject to showing legitimate cause.

These rights may be exercised immediately upon receiving a written request sent to the Publisher at the following address: [email protected]